2520 NE 112th Avenue, Miami, FL, 33172
STAGE A [7.690 sq ft] STAGE B [4.056 sq ft] STAGE C [2.132 sq ft]

Blue Dolphin Studios is located in the City of Doral, close to major highways, restaurants, shops, hotels and the Miami International Airport. This facility has three sound stages ranging from 2,000 sq ft until 7,000 sq ft that are totally equipped for any production.

  • In addition, this facility features:
    • Production offices with easy access to all stages.
    • WiFi throughout
    • Cafeteria
    • Green rooms
    • Make up rooms
    • Wardrobe storage and fitting rooms
    • Set construction shop
    • Parking lot inside facility for 120 vehicles
    • Mobile Unit Parking
    • Ramp to facilitate load in and load out of equipment and sets

    Additional services available upon request:

    • Studio Lighting, audio and camera equipment
    • 3 tn and 5 tn lighting truck
    • Security
    • Catering
    • Maintenance
    • Post Production

Contact bdstudios@cinematusa.com to check availability and schedule a tour of our facilities. You can also contact us by phone at 305 887 7726, extension 101 or 111

Yes, but we offer lighting packages at competitive prices from our in house inventory.

Blue Dolphin Studios has ample parking lot inside the facilities, with more than 70 parking spaces.

a. Camera and audio rental
b. 5 tn lighting truck rental
c. Generators rental
d. Post production facilities
e. Production supplies rentals: Director’s chairs, radios, folding chairs, folding tables, wardrobe racks, wardrobe hangers, fans, steamers.

Payment in full before first day of rental. Refundable security deposit applies and must be paid before first day of rental. Overtime applies after 12+ hours.

This facility has many supporting spaces that will make your stay more comfortable:

a. 16 x green rooms
b. 2 x make up rooms
c. 2 x wardrobe rooms
d. 1 x catering area for 25+ people
e. 4 x private restroom
f. Additional restrooms
g. Furnished production offices
h. Ample parking lot
i. Loading docks with direct access to the stages

a. Janitor for common areas: restrooms, green rooms and catering area.
b. Trash removal for production waste only, i.e catering waste
c. On call studio rep
d. 1 x scissor lift

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