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La Fuerza de Creer

Miniseries of family love and overcoming starring Scarlet Ortiz, Rene Lavan, Sandra Destenave, Gaby Rivero and Daniel Lugo.

Up to 90% of the brain develops before children reach their first five years. Consciously interacting with infants and children during that first stage of their growth is vital to help them reach their potential.

This can be done in the course of daily life and is one of the tips that will provide the viewers The Force of Believing 2, which will be broadcast on Monday, January 7 by Univision at 2PM / 1C.

The 5 episode miniseries, original from Univision, tells the story of four families facing challenges such as separation from deportation, adoption, single parents, illiteracy and bilingualism.

“Many parents have 2 or 3 jobs and it is difficult for them to spend time with their children.There are some who do not know how important it is to interact with their children since they are born to ensure their success in school and in life. raising their grandchildren alone, mothers without support, “says Laura, one of the characters, during the second episode. And that is precisely what the miniseries seeks, to show concrete examples of how children can be supported even in the midst of the greatest difficulties.

Since we get up in the morning we can tell the children aloud what activities we are doing so that it is easier for them to recognize new words and reproduce them and use them in their own new context. Parents, grandparents and caregivers are models for their children: they will learn from them based on their tone, their facial expressions.

Why? Moujalli explained that telling children since they are babies daily activities like, ‘I’m going to take off your diaper’, or ‘look how I’m taking your diaper off’ are “part of what we have to do with them to acquire vocabulary When they are talking, that is going to help them in the part of processing the understanding, because they have already been exposed to (that information).”

Ask the child: “What are you thinking?”, And focus on what you are looking at, saying: “Yes, those are my shoes. And that is my hat. Do you want to try on my shoes and my hat? ” They can also take turns. “Can you put my hat on my head? Now try your head, look too big!” Your child will learn the concepts of small and big and, when you laugh when you put the hat on your head, you will also be promoting Their sense of humor.

Hispanic families are encouraged and encouraged to speak with their children in two or more languages. Bilingualism offers cognitive and academic benefits, as well as fostering positive behavior in our diverse and global society.

It is also recommended to expose babies to books can begin to develop literacy skills from the beginning, even before they are ready to read and write. Doing this in two languages ​​will not confuse you.