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Isa is a bubbly and bright 15 year old girl living in Caracas, Venezuela. She has a crush on the school heartthrob, Alejandro Ruiz “Alex”. However, her goals of claiming his heart are a little far fetched since he has his sights set on Isa’s rival, Cristina Ricalde, whom Isa nicknames: Cristarántula.

Isa’s best friend and equally fun and spirited, Lisa Luna “Gordilinda”, is also competing with Cristina for her love interest, Reinaldo Galán “Rey”.  To top it off, not only are the boys contesting for Cristina’s affections they are each other’s competition in the school’s battle of the band contest.

In this colorful slice of life series not only does the audience follow Isa’s love life, but also the lives of the others around her.