"Isa" is a 15 year old girl who lives in Caracas, Venezuela. Her dream is to conquer the heart of Alejandro Ruiz "Alex"; but this one dream is very far, since Cristina Ricalde "Cristarántula", her rival, robs the glances of Alex. The best friend of Isa is named Linda Luna "Gordilinda" and she has the same dilemma that Isa has, she's in love with a boy named Reinaldo Galán "Rey" but Cristina also has robbed his heart. Alex and Rey are rival in the school because they are both opponents in a band contest that the school will have. Cristina is the daughter of the owner of a bank, "Ricalde" bank; and her sister, Rebeca Ricalde, is Marina Pasqualli's rival, Isa's sister, is girlfriend and soon wife of Cristóbal Silva, love of both Rebeca and Marina. Rebeca has the advantage of which the mother of Cristóbal, Lucrecia Portacarreros, is friend of the money she has and she supports her in everything she can. The brother of Cristóbal, Micky is Alex's best friend and in his band, his girlfriend is Vanessa, friend of Cristina (although soon Justa becomes his girlfriend because Vanessa gets out of school). The mother of Alex, Estela, is love with the cousin of Cristóbal and Micky, Julio but he is still in love with the girl of his teenage years which he had a daughter with, Jennifer Contreras.