About Cinemat

Cinemat Inc. is a television production company that develops and produces original scripted and non-scripted programming. Cinemat was founded in 1997 by Eduardo and Jose Vicente Scheuren in Miami, Florida. The Scheuren brothers have led Cinemat to produce highly rated and critically endorsed shows, such as Decisiones(Telemundo), The Amazing Race (Nickelodeon Latin America), Mision Emilio, Model Latina: Las Vegas, ISA TKM, Quien Quiere Ser Millonario, Grachi 2, Grachi 3, Larrymania for Mun2 and Showdown. What sets Cinemat apart from others is the  distinctive company culture. The knack for finding, and telling unique stories followed by highly organized infrastructure and cutting edge technology is the secret behind the success. All of these key ingredients have led Cinemat to produce exquisite productions that allow it's customers and viewers to be delighted. 


Our mission is to fulfill the needs of our customers with professional, honest, reliable, and trustworthy production especially made for them. Every production we make is unique, and fully backed by our production team. We analyze the needs and determine the best way to come up with an outcome that will meet the expectation of our clients.