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Frequently asked questions

1. How can I book a stage:
Contact  to check availability and schedule a tour of our facilities. You can also contact us by phone at 305 887 7726, extension 101 or 111

2. Do I need a certificate of insurance to rent a stage?
Yes. See insurance requirements.
Certificate of insurance must be provided before bulding occupancy.

3. Can I bring my own lighting?
No, lighting is provided by us at very competitive prices.

4. What about parking?
Cinemat Studios has available parking inside and outside the facilities, with more than 50 parking spaces.

5. What other services are available?

a. Camera and audio equipment rental
b. Production Vans and Production truck rental
c. 3 tn and 5tn lighting truck rental for a location shoot.
d. Generators rental
e. Post Production facilities
f. Set construction shop and team.

6. What are the payment terms?

For first time clients, all fees must be paid before first day of stage occupancy. If incurred in over time, it must be paid before final wrap.